Sharepoint 2016 approval workflow not updating approval status

It has helped me several times during the last couple days :) (I'm new in Nintex World).I have a question about the document converting in the SP2013 Nintex Workflow.Thanks, Andrey Hi Vadim, This looks like an interesting approach and will probably address my requirement.I'm pretty green as far as Nintex forms & workflow are concerned (I'm trialling this to try and prove to my client that this will satisfy their requirements).

As a Nintex beginner, it helps me so much in my daily work. I tried to generate a Nintex Form as a PDF-File - as you described it - and it works with Text-Fields very well.But hopefully, it will give you an idea of how to take your form data and make it into a PDF that you can store in a Document Library or email it etc. the Nintex Workflow Convert Document action, that uses Word Automation Services, to convert the word document to PDF The Workflow itself is not very complex. All it's doing, is creating a couple of text variable to store the temporary Word Document and also the PDF.This process works around two main piece of technology. Then, since one of my controls on my form is not linked to any field on the list, I need a Query XML action to pull the value out of it.I have a travel request form which I need to be able to email to the booking company once its been approved.