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Tourists and locals line up at all hours for the specialty coffee, paired with the café’s justly famous beignets.Grumpy offers a rotating selection of single-origin pour-overs and a seasonally changing house espresso blend known year-round as Heartbreaker.Freshness is a mantra here—all beans not sold within 48 hours of roasting are put into service—as either drip or iced coffee.At the Webster Street facilities, baristas pull shots of single-origin coffees from an impressive La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, while pour-overs feature single-origin roasts and one blended coffee.Most of this café’s notoriety comes from its decades of notable regulars.Beat writers like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg frequented this North Beach coffee shop for its Italian-style coffee when it first opened in the 1950s, and the walls are now peppered with photos of celebrity regulars from over the years.Baristas crank out shots of Sterling Coffee espresso, single-origin pour-overs and rich hot chocolate made with Michel Cluizel Venezuelan dark chocolate and Portuguese sea salt.

As alumni of Stumptown and Ristretto, roasters Joel and Leticica Pollock received some of the best coffee education you can get in the U. And what started on a bicycle cart now has three Miami locales and coffee sourced from small farmers around the world.It’s been more than two decades since Starbucks started serving designer lattes in Seattle, and America’s obsession with coffee continues to grow as a new wave of independent, boutique cafés opens across the country.The mark of a great café isn’t just about a well-poured cup.The menu includes detailed tasting notes for every roast, such as the Best of Panama Auction #6, described as having flavors of hibiscus, toffee and blood orange.

The Greenpoint location features tangerine-colored walls, worn wood tables and the company's roasting facility.

An essential French Quarter stop, Café Du Monde has been serving chicory-spiced coffee, black or au lait, for over 150 years.

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