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Let's just say you wouldn't have seen Swift wearing a gypsy dress, harness, and worn ankle boots on date night with Conor Kennedy.Calvin Harris: March 2015–May 2016 Aaand cue the rock-star vibes once again.No baby-pink ballerina dresses or gold ice-skating frocks here.A few days later, Mayer barely changed clothes, but Swift appeared onstage alongside him at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC's Madison Square Garden with a flapper-inspired minidress, shorter hair, and a single, sparkly bracelet in her best attempt at looking classy, practically shouting to the world, "Yes, I'm old enough to date him!Tom Hiddleston: June 2016–Present You will not find a black leather jacket within a mile's radius of Taylor Swift right now, as she has pulled a full-on 180, hastily ditching those downtown looks she so favored while dating Calvin Harris to dress exclusively in clothing that screams "I am a grown-up!

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    Tumblr; google+; instagram;. A Detailed Timeline of Taylor Swift Dating Like a Boss. Taylor and the teenaged Conor Kennedy's fling was short-lived.…
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    Take it out of the oven when the dough is cooked and serve. Pour in a little salted water and press the crumbs into a ball. Then roll it into a sheet on…