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The value of this property can be set to one of the constants: xl Underline Style None, xl Underline Style Single, xl Underline Style Double, xl Underline Style Single Accounting, xl Underline Style Double Accounting.The following code sets the font of cell A1 to xl Underline Style Double (double underline).Converting a range to a table starts with the same code as in Excel 2003: Sub Create Table() Active Sheet. A collection of objects which are a member of the Workbook object. You can change the formatting of a table Style, e.g. But if you save your file, close Excel and open Excel again with the file, the changes are gone. Address Next End Sub This snippet of code works exactly the same in Excel 2003, so nothing new there (well, that is, in 2003 those tables ARE called Lists). like this: Sub Change Table Styles() ' No Go in Excel 2003 Active Workbook. This is because you've just changed a built-in tablestyle. You might need to work with specific parts of a table. Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.

But there are significant changes to this part of the object model and I am only going to touch on the basic parts here. Name = _ "Table1" ' No go in 2003 Active Sheet. Table Style = "Table Style Light2" End Sub But the new stuff is right there already: Table Styles. Line Style = xl Dash End Sub This changes the linestyle of the bottom of your table. If you have any other workbook open, all tables with the same tablestyle appear in your changed style! Select ' Select only data of first column ' No go in 2003 . However, cells update when I hit F2 and then exit the cell. I have other worksheets open at the same time linked to the same sources that update correctly. The value of this property can be set to one of the standard colors: vb Black, vb Red, vb Green, vb Yellow, vb Blue, vb Magenta, vb Cyan, vb White or an integer value from 0 to 16,581,375.

To assist you with specifying the color of anything, the VBA is equipped with a function named RGB.

The value of this property can be set to an integer value from –90 to 90 degrees or to one of the following constants: xl Downward, xl Horizontal, xl Upward, xl Vertical.

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  • Excel VBA function to update cells value += cell aboves value. profil de paulette60


    May 30, 2017. You'll need to add a load of error-checking to this, but here's the bare bones Private Sub Worksheet_ChangeByVal Target As Range ' If we're not in the range of interest ' do nothing. If IntersectTarget, Me. Range"B2E2" Is Nothing Then Exit Sub End If ' We don't want this event to fire itself! Application.…