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This is also how you set up a button on the harmony home remote to toggle one of your Smart Things-controlled lights, for example.The harmony documentation gives a pretty good explanation of how to do all this.This can really mess up the harmony/Smart Things integration.My guess, and it’s purely a guess, is that when there’s a pending firmware update for some reason some of the activities get duplicated while the firmware check is going on.You should then be able to find the “Logitech Harmony trigger” smartapp. (Note: For some people, this will be called “Harmony control.” I’m not sure who gets which name, but it does the same thing and you will have one or the other. I named mine “Halt Roku activity.” After you have installed it from marketplace, you need to get the list of installed smartapps to refresh.I usually choose the hub from the Things List under the rooms view and refresh the hub there, but I’m not sure you have to do that.It doesn’t actually let you set up for doing anything with your end devices.

To add a new trigger, go back into marketplace, smartapps, more, and choose the “Logitech Harmony trigger” Smart App.I named my Livingroom hub “Central.” After you have added a trigger, you then have to refresh the harmony hub in the Rooms view things list, and then that specific trigger will show up on the smartapp list in the rooms view.This is nonintuitive, and I tend to forget every time where it is.You might just be able to close the phone app and reopen it.

Eventually, the trigger will show up in the list of installed smartapps in the rooms view.

Two) using the Smart Things app, you can add a harmony hub as a “thing” on your smartthings network.

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