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Nearly five hours of instruction by a professional artist, all for just € 32,50.Get your copy today and support the Krita Foundation: Krita started out as KImage Shop inside KOffice because the KOffice libraries gave us things for free we would have to code ourselves otherwise, like filter handling, a really cool rich text tool and so on.Krita’s GNU GPL license guarantees you this freedom. Yes, the Krita Foundation offers support for Krita through the develoment fund, sponsoring opportunities, consultancy and dedicated development constracts.On Windows, this is %APPDATA%\krita or %LOCALAPPDATA%\krita.If you want to work on collage, photo editing or print production work, Gimp might be more suitable. Create tutorials and sample files, create artwork to show off what Krita can do and spread the good word. And if you don’t feel like hacking C — well, there’s the manual that needs someone attending to it, a set of tutorials would be nice, we are everlastingly needing more artwork for interface elements, and finally, we really appreciate reports from people using it, telling me about their work flow and what hampers or helps them.Ease of use and power as a painting application will always have a higher priority in Krita’s ongoing development. Please take care to include backtraces if you’ve got a crash, and if there’s an image that breaks Krita for you, try to attach the image to the report. And if you want to be more directly involved, well, I didn’t know any C when I started hacking on Krita and I managed. Krita is developed as free software within the KDE community.

Fields of painting that Krita explicitly supports are concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering.AMD/ATI GPU’s are known to be troublesome, especially on Linux with the proprietary drivers.Krita is primarily a painting program, although it has image processing capabilities.This means that Krita is intended for creative people who desire to paint and draw with computer software as they do with real-world tools in an art studio.

If you are looking for a tool primarily to apply effects to existing images or photos, to catalog images, or to view images other software (such as Digikam) may be more suitable.

There is another way you can help out making Krita look good in any language, and that is join the development team and fix issues within the code that make Krita harder to translate.