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Hopefully it will be useful to some other people – please do feel free to drop a comment if you have something to add or feel a correction needs to be made somewhere.After all, Firaxis is still heavily patching Civ 5, and some of the stats might change.Unique Unit: Minuteman: Ignore terrain movement costs. Comments: America’s 1 sight for land units should not be underestimated when it comes to exploration or preventing Barbarians from spawning near your territory.Position units strategically to get the most out of this.publishing it directly to the Reporting Services instance you connected to for your shared datasets.

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Trade routes spread religion at double effectiveness. Unique Unit: Camel Archer: Replaces the Knight and provides a ranged unit rather than a melee one.

This guide has been updated with the Special Ability: Manifest Destiny: All land units have 1 sight and a 50% discount when purchasing tiles in cities. Starts with Siege I and Evasion – which reduces damage from air interception by 50%.

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