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If you don't experience the performance improvements described above, please file a bug and include a trace of your build using the Gradle Profiler.This version of the Android plugin requires the following: 2.1.3 (August 2016) This update requires Gradle 2.14.1 and higher.The following table lists which version of Gradle is required for each version of the Android plugin for Gradle.For the best performance, you should use the latest possible version of both Gradle and the Android plugin.So, you should consider the effort of migrating your project before using the new plugin.To learn more, read Migrate to Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0.This page explains how to keep your Gradle tools up to date and what's in the recent updates.

The figures denote the cells of the table involved in each metric, the probability being the fraction of each figure that is shaded. P(A|B) = Bayesian inference derives the posterior probability as a consequence of two antecedents: a prior probability and a "likelihood function" derived from a statistical model for the observed data.Android plugin for Gradle 3.0.0 includes a variety of changes that aim to address performance issues of large projects.For example, on a sample skeleton project with ~130 modules and a large number of external dependencies (but no code or resources), you can experience performance improvements similar to the following: Some of these changes break existing builds.The Android Studio build system is based on Gradle, and the Android plugin for Gradle adds several features that are specific to building Android apps.

Although the Android plugin is typically updated in lock-step with Android Studio, the plugin (and the rest of the Gradle system) can run independent of Android Studio and be updated separately.

If the specified plugin version has not been downloaded, Gradle downloads it the next time you build your project or click Tools Sync Project with Gradle Files from the Android Studio menu bar.

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