Validating summative assessment

Our eportfolio Wordpress platform, allows teachers to upload content to student eportfolios via a Wordpress ios app.Conversely, students who have access to digital devices can also download the app for free, and upload notes, photos, and video content to their Wordpress eportfolios.

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We'll also review eportfolios as a comprehensive, student-centered assessment model.Here is an introductory video that discusses digital badges:e Portfolios are a digital repository of learning artefacts, reflections, and assessments.Currently, there are several eportfolio providers that are free, but there may be privacy concerns in terms of data storage: which is a rich resource in assessment practice from a previous CEET Moodle Meet.Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

Free 5-day trial Ensuring that an assessment measures what it is intended to measure is a critical component in education.

The ultimate goal is to have parents as subscribers to their children's eportfolios as an ongoing form of communication of learning.

Validating summative assessment comments

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