Vancouver dating scene article

But today’s singles have a world of choices beyond their immediate county, state and nation thanks to the Internet.Interestingly, that expanded pool hasn’t made the mating game any easier to win due to changes in society.

Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor from the University of Washington and author of more than a dozen books on love, compares searching for a mate with a job hunt.According to three Vancouver 20-somethings, Angelo Adside, Alicia Salazar and Franca Ramirez The Brickhouse and Lindo’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Lindo’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Dodge City and The Avenue The Brickhouse and The Atrium About 118,839, or more than 28 percent, of Clark County’s population, ages 20 and older, is single, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.Local dating prospects are relatively easy to chart by census figures on marital status.Vancouver resident Paul Vernon, who is divorced, has been involved in Crossroads Singles 30 for 10 years but still hasn’t found a wife.