Vinessa shaw dating

Vanessa apologizes to Liam for the day they first met and he responds by telling her he trusts her.Liam talks to his manager, Sheila, about taking things to the next level in his career.Meanwhile, Liam asks Vanessa if she really told the police everything she saw and Vanessa says she did and storms off.Annie then tries to apologize to Liam, but he walks away and kisses Vanessa.Vanessa then says she used to live in the broken down house she brought Liam to and that she used to be bounced around different families and she understands if this is all a deal breaker.Liam then defends Vanessa and basically calls Annie nuts and tells her he is not her responsibility.Meanwhile, Annie tells Dixon she got Liam’s bike fixed as a surprise.Dixon drops off Liam’s bike for Annie and then Liam and Vanessa show up.

Liam then dives in and saves the woman, to a lot of fanfare.Vanessa is first shown as the girl who hits Liam and states it was a hit and run. Later she becomes close to Liam and Liam takes her in as a rebound after Annie not being there for him.While her lies are still floating, she is shown as struggling with them and soon enough her lies catch up with her and the truth is shown. She realizes that he is a model by the billboard nearby and reported a collision as a hit and run.However, Vanessa comes in and tells Sheila that Liam’s ready now, despite her having no idea what she's talking about.

Sheila leaves and Vanessa tells Liam that they’re better off on their own.

She goes through her wallet it turns out that Vanessa has a bunch of fake ID's with the names: Claire Hallenberg and Carter Hall.