Who is ville valo currently dating

Back there, it wasn't about being cool or liking the 'right' bands.No, back in Finland it was all about finding whatever you could to get your rocks off in the middle of an eight-month long winter.

Sure, I'm not a fan of sunshine-pop dance music, but wherever there's melancholy, or a sad or sentimental core within the music then it doesn't really matter what kind of genre it is – it could be country and western or black metal.“In America though, people seem to be really tied in to the subgenres, if it's not within their subgenre, they can't like it.And for me it just feels like it's still the '80s over there, like the old tape-trading times.Thank you." Fans will have one more chance to see the band live this year. Meanwhile, Valo released his first solo single “Olet mun kaikuluotain” a Finnish translation of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song.” HIM 2017 tour dates Jun.

community, whose pale, eyelinered presence on the cover of any of the hard rock mags has for several years guaranteed an immediate rise in circulation, appears to be more of a talker than a hellraiser.

After months of silence with seemingly no new music on the horizon, Finnish metallers HIM dropped a huge announcement over the weekend. 5) they revealed the band will be splitting up after making music for 26 years.