Why is dating your cousin wrong

My only objection to blood marriages would be to close blood because of the awkwardness if there was a breakdown in the relationship.However there should be less likelihood of that because they would share the same family values. Think I found out in my late 20's after accidentally making a joke about inbreeding to my grandmother. By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. Yes some people think its wrong but I mean hey it is what it is.I can remember when you ate worms in the front yard!! Moral, but I'm not Christian, so it's just some reason. As fare as breeding goes, making love does nothing to passing on genes up the line without having kids." Ummmm and weren't the Royals a pretty sickly bunch, once upon a time, because of thin gene pool? The rules on this sort of thing are much more easy-going in that part of town. I guess we normally use breeding as a term to describe altering a bloodline to get a specific trait.Now I am sure we are related some place going back, 3, 4th, or even 5th cousins.What level is it an OK practice to "date" a distant relative???

I personally find it dis-tasteful, but how does, or does the government keep track of that stuff?? I was waiting on a backup, bored, so I googled "marry cousin in Canada". Caveat: If you are cousins and you want to marry, talk to a lawyer, your respective religious leaders, and family. When you were with him, he felt proud that you, the girl of manys dream, was with him. nah when we were together i didnt really talk to anyother guys even in classes, he dnt have many friends and dnt make them weel cause he so shy soo i would always be with him when we had school together I guess is kind of weird even though they are not blood related. but your ex seems to like her and it's not hurting anyone else except for you. Second cousins would be 3-5%, third cousins would be 2.5-4%, fourth cousins 2.25-3.5%,and so on.

From a purely 'numbers' POV, the increased risk for first cousins v no cousins is 1-2%.

After that it starts to get statistically insignificant really quickly.*One study says 3-4% and 4-7%. I think that it would be tough to have family gatherings, in that situation.