Wow intimidating shout glyph

Talents and Glyphs allow you to customize your Protection Warrior by selecting abilities and passives suitable for your own style of play or a specific encounter.

Not 100% sure of this, but I think this "bug" is due to the intimidating shout glyph.This is together with 9% spell hit from gear a must have anytime you need to be sure that you will land your Taunt.You might be able to get a reset from your “Vigilance” in most cases, but those when you don`t = wipe.Very good, if you offtank at LK (you can even mitigate EVERY soulreaper with this).

Only downside is that your target will loose 10% of their total threat.

For some reason the vast majority of my Intimidating Shouts are only lasting 4 or 5 seconds (I don't recall which) with NO other possible DR sharing abilities in the arena match.