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When asked about this by the Mail Online, Mr Gopstein claimed he was referring to Christian missionaries, not all Christians.However, when asked whether he thought Christian places of worship can remain in the holy land, Mr Gopstein said that 'All the big rabbis in Halacha (religious laws in the Torah), including Rambam,say there's no place for churches in Israel.' The area where Gopstein says he wants ' to do more' is in the volatile tinderbox compound where the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine stand in the Old City Jerusalem, known as 'Temple Mount' by Jews and 'Haram al Sharif' by Muslims.Critics of Lehava argue that the group seeks to sow hatred between Jews and Arabs and are regularly fanning the flames of violence in the already troubled and bloodied region.When Jewish supermodel Rafaeli dated Roman Catholic Hollywood star Di Caprio in 2010, Baruch Marzel, the head of Jewish National Front wrote to Ms Rafaeli on behalf of Lehava, urging her not to 'dilute the Jewish race.'Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder who is an atheist with Jewish roots, faced a similar predicament when, in 2012, he married non-Jewish Priscilla Chan.This was from Monday - on Wednesday, she came home.

I did it because we must fight in every way attempts to discriminate among people because of their race, colour, sex or sexual preference,' Mr Yaalon said.The webpage referred to the 'traitorous women who consciously and as a matter of ideology have chosen to leave the Jewish people and openly live with or marry non-Jews…We want to expose them to public view and let their shame be known.'Born in Bnei Brak, a strictly religious town on the outskirts of Israel's cosmopolitan and most liberal city, Tel Aviv, Mr Gopstein lost his father when he was 13 years old. They want to give Jerusalem, they want to give everything - but living together will never work.'In 2014, the Times of Israel reported three Lehava members were arrested and sentenced to prison terms for setting fire to a bilingual Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem and for spray painting racist incitement messages on the school walls echoing the views of Lehava - 'There is no coexistence with cancer'; 'Death to the Arabs'; and 'Kahane was right'.Aged 14, he met the extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane and became his ardent follower and activist.'The most important was that he spoke the truth, he wasn't scared. Activists from 'Talking in the Square', a grassroots organisation that every Thursday night holds a counter- Lehava gathering in Jerusalem in order to promote pluralist discussions of many core issues, say that the far-right activists have used a number of violent means to intimidate Arabs in Jerusalem.And if you marry a non-Jew, it just means 'I don't give a rat's ass about what God says -I want to be like everyone else who don't have a God.'Founded in 2009, Lehava means 'the flame', and is also an acronym in Hebrew for 'Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land'.